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Phil has a program that can honor one of our historic trolley’s that once road tracks on Phoenix streets between 1887-1948 (long before light rail).

Actually... Donate what makes you feel good, because as it adds up you will start feeling Philanthropic.

Make sure you

click the box,

"Make this a monthly donation"

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Sign up today! 

You’ll be glad you did. 

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You could “Adopt-a-Trolley” car #116, car #504 and our new historic trolley find, car #509. We suggest signing up to donate those coffee and crumpets  funds to the Phoenix Trolley Museum each month - say $11.60 (#116) or splurge at $50.40 (#504) or as little as $5.09 (#509) and by the end of the year you can consider yourself a philanthropist (we’ll consider you a philanthropist) with an amount that would be considered significant by the museum and minimal to you.

Think of it... it all happens painlessly and you have that good feeling of  having made a compelling difference to your favorite museum and NOW...  you’re a Philanthropist. 


We all look forward to the time when we can gather with friends like this without fear.

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