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After nearly three decades on the north side of Hance Park
the museum has moved due to the park's redevelopment 
This means building an entirely new museum,
with new experiences and stories to tell in our new location on Historic Grand Avenue.

Site Title

Your support will show that the preservation spirit is still alive in Phoenix.

So why a new museum
and why this one.

We use the unique story of the Phoenix streetcar system to

connect our visitors with the city as it once was, a lush oasis in the desert. The crown jewel in the museum collection is a Birney Safety Car made by American Car Company of St Louis that once road the Phoenix rails. This original artifact may have carried your ancestors to the grocers or downtown to the Fox Theater. The trolley system covered over twenty miles of track in a town that went no further than the surounding mountains. We talk about the mystery of how the system was distroyed on the evening a suspicious fire consumed all but eight cars that were out on their evening runs. 

We would like you to consider joining us on this adventure

Since the end of the Great Recession of 2008, the airline industry has seen record profits. People are taking more vacations. There is an explosion of new specialty restaurants in the Phoenix area. Well over 300 people move to Phoenix daily. All this means people are wanting new experiences and for newcomers to know and melding with their neighbor with the knowledge of their new town. 

Now that we are recovering from the Covid-19 Pandemic the Museum has opened back up and has a renewed outlook on a successful future, with the purchase of the museum property on Grand Avenue.


Since the demise of the History Museum of Phoenix at Heritage Square, telling the story of Phoenix has suffered. We want to fill this void, bringing the historical Phoenix experience back to our community and its visitors.


Today, we have the opportunity to re-imagine the Phoenix Trolley Museum in a whole new light, as a brand new modern entity, commensurate with the best Phoenix has to offer and telling the fuller story of Phoenix.


Join us on the journey.

While we raise the needed funds, we are establishing a mini-museum at the new location to give you a small glimps or sampling of our collection and the story of the historic Phoenix Trolleys. Right now it's a working progress, but over the next few months you will see it begin to take shape and form the nucleus of an amazing place the experience history.
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