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Car 116

Car 116

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Our next big push at the Phoenix Trolley Museum will be to bring Car 116 out of storage and put it back on public display. For four years, we have been unable to share our main assets with the public due to lack of safe and secure on-site shelter for our collection. With the site purchase behind us, we are ready to take on the project to provide those needed facilities. 

Yard Activation Project

This project will vault the Trolley Museum forward in its ability to engage people with the trolley story and its place in Phoenix history. Together, all of this will give the Trolley Museum many more options for increasing our public profile and participating in community events along Grand Avenue. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 2.03.39 PM.png

❶ Car 116 in a secured weather enclosure 

❷ Car 509, unrestored 

❸ Phelps Dodge Calcine Locomotive 

❹ Interpretive Exhibits: 

“History in Plain Sight” 

❺ Paving Rehabilitation 

❻ Event Space 

❼ Landscaping 

The project is only partially funded. We are now working to raise the approximately $200,000 it will take to fully realize this goal.

Project Elements 

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