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This is a short passage describing the impact of electric trolleys being introduced in 1893.

When Motorneer C. L. Longstreth turned the electricity on, a great cheer went up from the pleased and excited hundreds... for this marks an epoch in Arizona history... From this time on there is no power on earth that will check the rapid progress of Arizona’s capital... No expense is spared to make the road a success and one of the finest and most complete little electric roads on the coast... Phoenix is ever on the forward march and no sooner does she secure one great improvement than she seeks to get another... When the railroad was completed, the electric lights came to brighten things a little, and then the march of civilization was more brisk... The telephone exchange, one of the best on the coast, and a magnificent sewer system that will rival those of larger cities... last but not least, the electric street railway... No wonder they say this is the most prosperous city on the coast. No wonder people are coming here by the hundreds, filling every house in this beautiful city.

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